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Murder at the Savoy London Hotel!

Who killed Miss Kane? That's the question on everyone's lips in 1960s London, and more specifically at the legendary Savoy Hotel in London... In this second instalment of the cosy mystery series Welcome to the Savoy Hotel, a female dancer is found strangled in the dressing rooms of the prestigious hotel.

Murder at the Savoy London Hotel
Who killed Miss Kane ?

Luckily, Priscilla Tempest, the hotel's former press attaché, is on hand to solve the mystery of the murder, but it's not easy when her suspects include gangsters, a Canadian prime minister, the most famous actress of the moment and a well-known American producer.

But Priscilla is not afraid of anything, and she doesn't hesitate to face danger, even when dealing with police officers who may turn out to be dirty. Very funny at times, we must admit, and we're not complaining! And a crime in the Savoy London Hotel is no mean feat!

Murder at the Savoy London Hotel
Ron Base, co-author

In a cosy atmosphere where luxury and pleasure mix, with more champagne than cups of tea, as is often the case in cosy mysteries, Ron Base, journalist and film critic, and Prudence Emery...., former press officer at the Savoy Hotel (who is very close to the heroine), bring us a delicious volume 2 of their saga Welcome to the Savoy Hotel! And a murder at the Savoy London Hotel, it is far from ordinary, isn' it ?

Murder at the Savoy London Hotel
Front Cover


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